Independent royalty management and administrative support for musicians, composers and record labels.

  • Are you receiving maximum royalty income for your live and recorded performances?
  • Releasing an album on your own label?
  • Need some admin help to let you focus on the artistic side of your projects?

Helping you get on with the creative stuff…

I offer a range of services to individuals and organisations, including:

Registrations & licensing for self-releasing artists

PRS/MCPS/PPL registrations & claims

Bandcamp / web shop fulfilment & reporting

Leaving you more time to focus on what you do best – making music!

Taking away those arduous tasks

Let me take the headache out of all the online databases, spreadsheets, codes, jargon & the many TLA’s (three letter abbreviations!) you’ll find along the way.. simplifying the process and alleviating you of the dull but necessary tasks involved in releasing your music & generating/managing your royalties.

What my clients say

Phil Cunningham MBE

“Since Alison started taking care of all things copyright for me.. two things have happened.
Stress is down.. Royalties are up. Now THAT can’t be bad!”

Adam Sutherland

Errogie Records

“The traditional music scene would simply collapse if Alison stopped doing all the work she does”

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